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Wrightsville Beach Real Estate

As one drives down Wrightsville Ave or Eastwood Road and crosses the bridges that lead to Wrightsville Beach, it is like being enveloped by the prestige of its history and the its vibrant present. Once known as Ocean View Beach, it was rechristened Wrightsville Beach in honor of the Wright family of Wilmington when it was incorporated in 1899.

The town is still loaded with historic and functioning monuments to history such Robert’s Grocery and The Loop. Wander around town and one will inevitably pass others eating food from Robert’s Grocery or walking off that food on The Loop.

But the centerpiece of most visitors’ attention was, and still is, the beach and the two piers: Johnnie Mercer Pier or the Ocean View Pier at the Oceanic Restaurant. And both contain their own history involving area hurricanes and local colorful characters.

Though the history is not as visible as it once was, as one enters Wrightsville Beach, they cannot help but notice the ornate houses fronted by docks with impressive yachts and boats tied up.

The streets are lined with an incredible mix of commercial and residential and the new and old. And, there is always something happening such as the recent Stand Up Paddleboard Surfing Competition that hosted world champions. Of course, on any given day, the water around the piers are filled with surfers and paddle boarders. Wrightsville is also a launching point for many boaters and surfers heading to Masonboro Island to enjoy the swells when they arise.


Wrightsville Beach is definitely an outdoors loving community, so for those desiring more options, Historic Downtown Wilmington, Mayfaire, and more are mere minutes away by car or bike. Though there is little need to leave the island, it’s nice to have options.

One cannot really comprehend the lure of Wrightsville Beach merely from pictures or the written word. It must be experienced firsthand. With that in mind, don’t you think it’s time to plan a visit now?


Come visit this beach paradise and experience its unique blend of prestigious history and current incarnation and you may never leave again! Contact us right now to start searching for your new dream home!