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Kure Beach

Kure Beach

Kure Beach is a typical small beach town located on Pleasure Island about 15 miles from Wilmington. It still has that small town feel but with tons of restaurants and entertainment options. And it’s the perfect place to find your beach dream home.

Kure Beach is named after its founder, Hans Andersen Kure. Kure was Danish and so, the name is pronounced like “cure-ee.” Unless you want to be mistaken for a tourist, that’s how the natives pronounced it. Tourists, on the other hand, call it “Curry.”

There has been a post office in operation in Kure since 1942. So, it has been around for a while. In fact, one little known piece of history dates to July 24 1943 and involves a German U-Boat. Wilbur D. Jones, Jr. recounts the episode in his book “The Journey Continues.” On that night, according to Jones, three shells were fired in an attempt to hit the Kure Beach Ethyl-Dow Chemical Company plant. Fortunately, they all missed and landed harmlessly in the Cape Fear River.

Kure Beach also is the gateway to Fort Fisher State Recreation Area, Fort Fisher Aquarium, Fort Fisher Military Recreation Area and the Federal Point Wildlife and Boat Launch area, in addition to the Fort Fisher Ferry to Southport.

Kure Beach boasts the oldest fishing pier on the Atlantic Coast. It was built in 1923 by Hans Kure’s son, L.C. The pier is located in the heart of downtown Kure. As opposed to other piers in the area, unless one is fishing, entrance to the pier is free.

Right at the base of the pier is the Kure Beach Boardwalk. This is the perfect place to stroll along or swing in one of the swings along the length of the boardwalk and relax and breathe in that salt air.Kure2

Or just walk up the street to dine in any one of a number of restaurants or visit the shops located there. The parking along the boardwalk is free, though in season, it might be difficult to find an open spot. Kure Beach also provides visitors with numerous public access points to the beach, and the parking is free.

Best of all, the town offers everything from condos to duplexes and multi-family residences to splendid single family homes. And, they are affordable, as well.

Everyone, whether seasonal or year-round resident, will have a smile to offer.Kure3

If your idea of a perfect home is one located on or near the beach, Kure Beach is for you. Don’t put off making that dream a reality a moment longer. Contact us now to help find that perfect home!