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Wilmington Golf Properties

When one thinks of Wilmington, it’s natural to think “water.” And yet, Wilmington is home to some of the finest golf courses around. Wilmington is a unique place to live. While bringing to mind a town drenched in Southern Charm, it also radiates a vibrancy normally found in larger cities.

Wilmington manages to offer something for everyone. There is always something going on somewhere that will appeal to most everyone. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for culture, art, music, food, drinks, entertainment, sports, recreation, water sports, or anything else one can imagine, chances are you will find it in Wilmington.

While many areas can offer some of the above, even golf, few can match what Wilmington has to offer.

Golf Courses

There are many golf courses in this area and all are enclosed by communities. And whether you golf or not, there is something very special about looking out the window or sitting on the back deck watching golfers play by or the smell of freshly mown grass daily. For golfers, what could be better than walking out the back door and walking to the course? Or even to non-golfers enjoying an evening stroll down the cart path?

Among the golfing communities in this area, you have the house of your dreams waiting for you to come home.


Three communities of note can be found in this same Guide Section to learn more about them. Just a brief overview, there are three of note. They are Magnolia Greens Plantation in Leland, Porters Neck Plantation in the Ogden area of Wilmington, and of course, Landfall.

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Magnolia Greens was the first golfing community to see the potential in Leland and that choice sparked an enormous explosion of communities there. For three years in a row, the Magnolia Greens Plantation Golf Course has been named number one in the Cape Fear Region by the Wilmington Star-Telegram.

Porters Neck is in the growing area of Ogden and borders the Intracoastal and within sight of the Atlantic. Here one can combine water front living with living on a golf course. Could there be a better dream location?

Landfall. The name alone evokes images of luxury, style, exclusivity, history and, well, golf. Here, one could live on waterfront acreage or on golf front property, launch their boat for a trip over to Wrightsville or out into the Atlantic or drive out the front gate for shopping in Ogden, Mayfaire or downtown.

Again, these are only three of the golf properties in the area, but a good place to start looking for that dream home. Don’t you think today is a good day to work on making that dream a reality? Contact us now!